Friday, February 15, 2013

when i was just nine years old i was at my brothers baseball game.right before the game i went to mcdonalds and ordered two breakfast burritos .i stuck one in my pocket and went to the game.i was coming from getting something off the field when somebody threw the ball 50 feet from the guy that was catching the players and the ball hit me in my pocket. anybody and everybody was asking me are you okay and i said its ok it hit me in my BURRITO. everybody started laughing and thought it was a joke but then i pulled out my burrito and everybody started laughing even harder. that was one of the funniest moments ever in my life and i hoped you enjoyed the story.
today i was in class and i said teacher i didnt get a packet and she said 10 dollars and i said i dont got that type of money these days. you know how it is.i have said so more funny things in my life but the funniest thing ive ever heard is something that my brother said. when i was around 4 years old i was talking in my booster seat on my way back from somewhere and i told on my brother and he said'' you sit on the booster seat of lies.'' that was a pretty funny day.i really never understood any thing that  my family said but i  did just happen to hear this.


Hello people that are reading this.This is a blog about what i make, they are called paracord bracelets.I will also be posting about whats going no in my life and some funny things that happen.